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Dynamate 1.0by Willems Davy

Dynamate is a game originally made by Björn Kalzen and Jonas Norberg. It is a puzzle game where you have to try to remove colored pieces from the playfield by letting them collide with another specific colored piece. There are pieces that are stuck to the playfield, moveable pieces and special pieces like color changes, direction rotators, teleporters, ... The game can have upto 25 of custom OGG/MOD music files, has a built in level editor and support for joysticks!

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Tower Toppler (Port) 1.1.13by Many people

This is the GP2X Port of tower toppler 1.1.13 also known as nebulous In this game you have to help a cute little green animal switch off some kind of "evil" mechanism. The "power off switch" is hidden somewhere in high towers. On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard the tower. That sounds all like a normal jump and run game. What makes this game different is that you walk arond the tower which is revolving on the screen, so that you only see the 180° that are currently visible.

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Jump'n bumping (Port) 1.51by Many people

Jump n bumpin Was orignally a multiplayer game, over time AI got added and a few ports have been made. This port is based on the port from Florian Schulze.
I made this game into a single player game for the gp2x by doing some small modifactions and adding gp2x input handling. You play with one of the bunny's and the aim of the game is to "bump" the other bunnies, you do this by jumping on their head. You need to get 50 bumps as fast as possible, before the cpu players do. You can play customn levels and even make your own.

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Znax 1.0by Willems Davy

Znax is a remake of a game by Nick Kouvaris. It is a sort of puzzle / arcade game where you as the player need to select 4 blocks of the same color and form rectangles as big as you can. By doing this you will erase all blocks in this square and they will be replaced by new blocks. You keep on doing this till the time runs out, and try to gain your highest score possible. There are two game modes, Relative timer and fixed Timer, in the first mode you'll also gain extra time for deleting blocks so you can play longer if you are fast enough. With the second mode you don't get extra time for deleting blocks but just points added to your score so here you try to get the highest amount of points in the given time period. The game Has support for up to 25 additional mod or ogg music files and skin support !

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Lbreakout (Port) 1.0by Michael Speck / Willems Davy

This is a port of lbreakout for the gp2x, it's a breakout game with everything such games needs. It's my first attempt to port a game to the gp2x !

These are the things i added / changed:
- Removed option to select full screen / windowed mode, it stays on windowed since trying to run something "fullscreen on the gp2x" makes the game crash.
- Added functions to handle gp2x buttons. In the same basic layout as the game originally used.
- Added sync(); command to make sure all data is written to the SD card.
- fixed a really small bug with high scores not being able to be saved, at least it wouldn't until i made the change
- Changed default player name / profile to "GP2X"
- Added default buttons for the gp2 (they can not be changed)

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Blips 1.0by Willems Davy

Blips is a puzzle game like sokoban except that you need to collect "stars" here and avoid the dynamite. Boxes can be blown up using the dynamite. There are 26 levels included from the orginal "bips" game made by Bryant Brownell. The game has a built in level editor so you can create new levels on your own and release them as levelpacks. You can also play upto 25 of your own ogg/mod music files. And lastly there is skin support.

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Blockdude 1.3by Willems Davy

Blockdude is a puzzle game where you need to be able to reach the exit by moving boxes, it's as simple as that. It is a remake of the Blockman Game from Soleau Software and the TI 83 Blockdude game by brandon sterner. There are 23 levels included. 21 Levels from the orginal blockman game and 2 levels created by me. The game has a built in level editor so you can create new levels on your own and release them as levelpacks. You can also play upto 25 of your own ogg/mod music files, there is skin support and lastly you can reconfigure your external joysticks button mappings !

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MazeThingie 1.0by Willems Davy

Mazethingie is just a little maze game that i created to test out the level generating part of waternet. It generates mazes and it's up to you go from the startpoint to the endpoint of the maze. You can specify a maze size of up to 63x47 which is quite hard to solve if u ask me !

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Waternet 1.1by Willems Davy

Waternet is a puzzle game where you to connect pipes to each other so that water flows through it. You can do this depending on the game mode in 3 ways : by sliding rows and columns, rotating invidual pipes or by doing both at the same time. Waternet has 3 difficulties each difficulty has 2 grid sizes and 20 static levels which makes a total of 180 static levels. Besides static levels there's also a random mode for each difficulty where levels will be generated on the fly for u to play.

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Checkers 1.0by Willems Davy

Well you probably all know checkers or draughts as it sometimes called.
It's a bord game where u have to try to capture all the pieces of the opponent by jumping over them in a diagonal direction. This is my version of checkers that uses the official rules with a cpu player. It's the first time i tried to create a computer ai but i believe i succeeded pretty well since i find him quite hard to win from. I've included 4 difficulty options and an option to enable or disable the jump heuristic. The last option let the cpu player behave a little bit diffrent so u basicly have 8 cpu players to play against.

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