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Delphi Programming 
  The Indy ProjectHomepage from the indy network communication components
  Torry's DelphiVery good site with many components & information
  JEDI - SDL HeadersDelphi libaries for SDL
  Programmers HeavenSite with source code for diffrent languages
  NeHe ProductionsThe site to learn OpenGl, DirectX in many languages
  Inno SetupFree (setup) installer program compiler
  FmodFmod audio libaries home page
  Flip Code ArchiveNews site bout game developement
  efg's Computer LabLots of information about certain (graphical) programming techniques
  Experts ExchangePlace where u can ask about any programming language
  Amit's Game Programming InformationGood site with lots of info about game programming
  Simple Direct Media Layer (SDL)Homepage for the SDL Libaries
  The Internet ArchiveSite that archives the internet, u can find old sites here
Drivers & Stuff 
  Future MarkMarket Leader in video card Benchmarks
  Guru 3DVideoVideo Card News Site & Driver database
  RetrogamesEmulation news site
  Zophar's DomainEmulation news site
  Built your own arcade controller FAQSite with FAQ's & information about making your own controllers
My other sites 
  Youtube channelMy main youtube channel about emulation, programming, games, my development etc
  Github pageMy github page where i sometimes upload my latest code
  Arcade Cabinet GamersYoutube channel about playing steam games on arcade cabinets
  Willems Soft HitcountersFree hitcounter service, with many configurable styles
Open source handhelds 
  GP2X, GP32, Dingoo, Caanoo, Wiz and Pandora file archiveThe one and only place to get your games, tools for these handhelds
  GP32 SpainA spanish community site for the gp2x.