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Zinc 1.1 Trainer
Created by Willems Davy
Trainer that has numerous cheats for the various games found in the zinc 1.1 emulator. It has 284 cheats for a total of 51 games.

How to use
All u need to do is run the trainer select the cheats of the game u want to have cheats and then run zinc while the trainer program is still running. The trainer will automaticly detect when zinc 1.1 is running and enable the cheats for the current game ure playing. Pressing the minimize button will create a system tray icon in the lower right part of your screen. A double left mouse click will show the trainer window again. You can as well right click the tray icon to show the popupmenu with options to show the window or to exit the trainer.

Note for frontend Authors.
You can incorporate this trainer in your frontend by changing the values in the trainer.ini file. As you can see my trainer saves everything under the full game name. All you have to do is edit this ini file and start the trainer before you start a game. Afterwards you close it by sending WM_QUIT or similar, just make sure that settings get saved in the ini and that you don't write wrong values in it!!! If u don't want to make 284 checkboxes u can just make an option to open the trainer and let the people select the cheat config's in the trainer itself. Then u just have to run the trainer before u let zinc start and close it when zinc's being closed. (the trainer will save all settings for u then). You can as well make packages with this trainer included as long as you leave this readme unchanged with it and give proper credits.

Cheat notes
Some games demonstration modes get affected by enabling cheats, for example full life cheats or one hit kill cheats will affect them. This doesn't create problems, zinc will still be running fine when u play and it won't crash. (Had it tested by letting zinc run demonstration sequences a whole night).

Star Gladiator US:
If u enable the always win cheat for both player1 and player2 Player1 will always win. The game behaves this way and enabling both is unlogical!

Stage Select Codes:
This code looks if the current stage is smaller then the stage u want to start at. U can't change the stage select cheats while zinc is running, because i came across problems with certain games when this is done between rounds. (it's a safety).

Games with Cheats
Star Gladiator (US 960627)
Street Fighter EX (US 961219)
Street Fighter EX (JP 961130)
Street Fighter EX (ASIA 961219)
Street Fighter EX Plus (US 970407)
Street Fighter EX Plus (US 970311)
Street Fighter EX Plus (JP 970311)
Street Fighter EX 2 (US 980526)
Street Fighter EX 2 (JP 980312
Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (US 990611)
Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (JP 990611)
Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS (ASIA 990611)
Plasma Sword (US 980316)
Star Gladiator 2 (JP 980316)
Rival Schools (ASIA 971117)
Justice Gakuen (JP 991117)
Rival Schools (US 971117)
Strider Hiryu 2 (JP 991213)
Strider 2 (ASIA 991213)
Kikaioh (JP 980914)
Tech Romancer (US 980914)
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (US 951124)
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (JP 951124)
Sonic Wings Limited (JP)
Beastorizer (US) *bootleg*
Beastorizer (US)
Bloody Roar 2 (JP)
Brave Blade (JP)
Psychic Force (JP 2.4J)
Psychic Force (World 2.4O)
Psychic Force EX (JP 2.0J)
Fighters Impact A (JP 2.00J)
G-Darius (JP 2.01J)
G-Darius Ver.2 (JP 2.03J)
Xevious 3D/G (JP) Ver. A
Tekken (JP) Ver. B
Tekken (WORLD) Ver. B
Tekken (WORLD) Ver. C
Tekken 2 (JP) Ver. B
Tekken 2 (World) Ver. A
Tekken 2 (World) Ver. B
Soul Edge (JP) SO3 Ver. A.
Soul Edge (JP) SO1 Ver. A
Soul Edge Ver. II (JP) SO4 Ver. C
Fighting Layer (JP) Ver. B
Ehrgeiz (US) Ver. A
Tekken 3 (JP) Ver. A
Mr Driller (JP) Ver. A
Dead or Alive++
Monster Farm Jump (JP)
Heaven's Gate