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Zinc 0.9 Trainer
Created by Willems Davy
Trainer that has numerous cheats and region switches for the various games found in the zinc 0.9 emulator.

Usage: Run the program and choose the regions they are all default set to $01 ! While trainer is running run ZiNc 0.9 No need to close the trainer when you are running other games, everything is detected so the trainer knows what to do! Trainer won't do anything if it can't find Zinc 0.9!

Region Hack for:
-Street Fighter EX
-Street Fighter EX Plus
-Street Fighter EX 2
-Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
-Star Gladiator II
-Rival Schools
-Justice Gakuen
-Strider Jap
-Strider US
-Tetris Grand Master

Cheats for :
-Star Gladiator II
-Street Fighter EX
-Street Fighter EX PLUS
-Street Fighter EX 2
-Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS
-Rival Schools
-Justice Gakuen
-Strider Hiryu 2 USA
-Strider Hiryu 2 JAP
-Sonic Wings Limited
-Soul Edge Ver A
-Soul Edge Ver C
-Tekken I
-Tekken II
-Psychic Force
-Xevious 3D/G
-Kosodate quiz my angel 3