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Rubido 1.0by Willems Davy

Rubido is a chinese checkers clone, it's also known as Solitaire in certain countries. You have a board filled with pegs where you jump over another peg to an empty place and by this you remove the peg you jumped over. Depending on the difficulty you diagonal movement is allawed or not and you either have to end in the middle or not.

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Puzzle Land 1.0by Willems Davy

Puzzle Land is a remake of the gameboy game Daedalian opus also known as puzzle road in japan. The gameplay and levels are the same but the graphics, music sounds have changed. It's a puzzle game with 36 levels.

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Formula 1 1.0by Willems Davy

Formula 1 is just a very small and simple game like those old Game & Watch games, You'll have a formula 1 car at your disposal and you'll need to pass other Formula 1 cars coming to you without crashing into them. It starts of as an easy game but gradually becomes harder since the speed of the other formula 1 cars increases. Just like it was in the original game & watch game i based this one on. This game was made for a little game & watch coding competetion at the retro remakes website.

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Sokoban 1.1by Willems Davy

Sokoban is my second remake of the classic Sokoban game. You as the player need to push boxes to specific locations in the level. Once all boxes are pushed to the correct spots the level is finished. The Game has over 800 levels, a level editor and options to play your own music files during gameplay

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