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Trackmania Track rebuilder / sorter (canyon compatible) 1.1
Created by Willems Davy
What is it?
Trackmania Track rebuilder / sorter is a program that will rebuild track filenames based on the data found in the gbx track file itself. This version supports trackmania canyon. It has options to remove the formatting in filenames, delete duplicate tracks and sort the tracks in diffrent directories based on author, evironment, mood and challengetype.

Whats new in version 1.1
+ It should support / detect the maps / tracks from trackmania canyon
+ Adjusted something about the filenames in order to try to circumvent weird characters in the filenames if they are not detected properly
+ reads the type from the gbx file so that filenames can be names name.challenge.gbx for united / nations and name.map.gbx for canyon

How to use it?
First select the input track folder, by clicking on the '...' button, for example select the "My Documents\TrackMania\Tracks\Challenges\Downloaded" directory. If you want to sort your tracks based on a mask given you'll have to enter a track output folder as well. (for common sense sake, use a diffrent folder than the one from the input folder). Select the options you want to have included and press the "rebuild / sort" button.

Explanation of the options
+ Remove formatting in track rebuilded filenames:
This option will remove the color, bold, italic , ... codes from the newly rebuilded track filename.

+ Delete duplicate tracks
This option will delete a track if it finds a track with the same filename and gbx data (author,mood, ...)
It will only check for duplicates in the same folder. Meaning that if you have for example 2 folders named
"track 1" and "track 2" with the same track in each directory, it won't find the duplicate.
To get around this problem you'll have to use the sorting option.

+ Rename filename when track is diffrent and rebuilded filename is the same.
This option will rename the rebuilded track filename if it finds a diffrent track with the same name.
The new filename will be filenameX.challenge.gbx where X is a number.
Handy when being used with the "remove formatting in track rebuilded filenames" option

+ Sort into directories
This option will sort the tracks in diffrent directories based on author, evironment, mood and challengetype
you can use any combination of these 4 (or less) data's.

+ Copy tracks instead of moving them
This option won't rename / move files but copy files to the output folder location.
Handy when you want to create diffrent sort directories or just want to test the sorting before actually commiting it

You can get help on the willems soft forums.

Trackmania Track rebuilder / sorter is created using delphi 2007 by Willems davy aka joyrider - Willems Soft 2013
The program is freeware so no money can be asked for it. You are allowed to place this program on any website but a link to
my website when you do so is apreaciated.

you use this program at your own risk, it's has been tested on a few of my local computers and no problems where found, but it's
always possible that there are bugs to be found. If you have found a possible bug please report this to me as soon as possible.