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Universal Automatic Screenshots Converter 1.0
Created by Willems Davy
What is it ?

This program is aimed towards gamers, It is an automatic (or manual) screenshots convertor. It is automatic because it can convert screenshots without the touch of a button after the game ends. It has options to resize the screenshots, sort them in special directories by date time and profile name using a dir/file mask. It can convert from and to PNG,JPG,TGA,BMP basicly the most commonly used screenshot formats. You can add game profiles for all your games the settings will be saved for later usuage. The program can be run in the background or as a normal working program.

Features ?

- add, delete, edit game profiles
- convert from and to jpg,bmp,tga,png
- option to automaticly convert screenshots when a game ends
- manually convert screenshots for a selected game profile
- manually convert screenshots for all game profiles (with a single click convert screenshots for all your games)
- option to keep original file
- option to resize the screenshots
- option to choose jpg output compression quality
- option to use file/dir masks (see in program help or further in this readme)

How do i use it ?

You'll have to start by creating a profile for the games you wish to use the covnertor with. Click on add game profile and enter in the details off the game and screenshots. If u wish to use the automatic covnerting option don't forget to enable it. Once all details are entered you can save the profile. If u had the automatic conversion option enabled you can now run the game in question and after you quit the game the screenshots will be converted. Or if u didn't enable this option you can click on the convert now button to convert the screenshots of a selected game profile. If u have entered all your game profile and you are only going to use the automatic conversion option you can let the program run in the system tray (besides the clock) by minimizing the program or by enabling the option to start the program minimized.

What is the dir/file mask about ?

Certain games like for example Quake 4, Unreal Tournament GOTY use a counter in the filenames of the screenshots and once they are converted (and thus deleted) they will start counting again from the beginning, what basicly means that your converted screenshots will be overwritten. To counteract this i created a dir/file mask where u can append the date, time or profile name of when the screenshot was taken to the filename of the screenshot. It's also possible to organise your screenshots in directories by name.

These are the options you can use for the file/dir mask :
%dd%Shows day as a number
%mm%shows month as a number
%yyyy%shows year as a number
%hh%shows hour as a number
%nn%shows minutes as a number
%ss%shows seconds as a number
%day%shows day name
%month%shows month name
%profile%shows the profile name

you can make combinations with this a few examples :
%hh%%nn%ss%this will add the time when the screenshot was taken to the filename. Use this mask to counteract the problem i described above with games like quake 4, Unreal tournament goty,...
%yyyy%\%profile%\%month% %dd%\this will create a directory with the year the screenshot was taken, then a directory with the profilename (name of the game) and then a directory with the month name and day. so you basicly order your screenshots by year, profilename, month and day. (example outputfolder is c:\temp, converted screenshot filename is test.jpg. it will create c:\temp\2007\world of warcraft\february 4\test.jpg

as you can see you can make up any number of combinations to sort the screenshots on any way you like. if you need more information or help with this feel free to email me.


This program can be placed on cdroms,dvds from magazines, any websites as long as no money is being asked for the program itself and the program or this readme isn't being alterd in any way !


Universal Automatic Screenshots convertor is created by willems davy - Willems Soft 2007.

uses the Png library made by Gustavo Huffenbacher Daud

uses the TGA library made by Davie Reed

Thanks to both of them, without them this program couldn't be made at all !